Pricing and Billing

Unless otherwise specified all accounting is billed at a straight-time rate, as determined by each property, and emergency service or coverage.

Premium and Overtime Rates

Premium rates are billed at 1.5x/regular hourly rate for each client requesting overtime with less than 24 hours notice. Any additional officers required by the client and provided with less than 24 hours’ notice will also be billed at 1.5 times their regular hourly rate. We can provide additional officers at regular rates if provided enough notice to prepare schedules that don’t require overtime.



Your facility has been damaged by a storm and you need additional officers or your assigned officers to work overtime to protect the premises. Those officers will be billed at 1.5x their hourly rate.


Billing is scheduled on a monthly basis. Invoices include line-item entries for all costs, including our rates, employee wages, overtime and all other expenses incurred. Payments are due upon receipt.

Service Quote:

Uniformed Guard Service (Unarmed) –                                                                 $00.00 Per Hour

Uniformed Guard Service (Armed) –                                                                    $00.00 Per Hour

*Holidays will be bill time an half.

Marked Electric Car

Charging Station

Laptop and handheld devices

Digital Reports

GPS Electronic Monitoring

QR Code Electronic System (guard tour)

One Radio per Guard

Radio Checks 24 hours a day (every 10 minutes)

Road Supervisor (Minimum one visit per shift)

DVR with 4 cameras remote controlled and supervised by our Dispatch

Special Surveillance Equipment upon request

Access Control Software

Resident/Visitor management software

Undercover Investigations

Unmarked Patrol Car upon request

Special Response Unit

Extra Guard for Board Meetings

Technical Support

Community Outreach (Annual BBQ)

Hurricane Specialized Training and Procedures

Affordable Care Act