Equipment and Technology

At the South Florida Security Group we are a firm who believes in Green Technology. Not only does this save money to our clients but it contributes to the betterment of the planet as a whole.

Here are some examples of the technology which we currently employ and will be integrated into the account.

  • The use of a totally electric cars cost savings all around to both the client and our company.
  • Web based report writing system which can be accessed in real time by the client. This provides for accurate tracking of officer activity which leads to better and more accurate level of scheduling and billing to the client. This is a totally paperless system which adds to the savings we pass on to the client. This system allows for a quicker, more responsive approach to issues from security to maintenance.
  • We offer a state of the art dispatch and communication system which is integrated to our report and records management system. This assure of a smooth flow of information between officers, management, and our clients. The system upgrades allows for direct communication with Police, Fire and others agencies of value.
  • A majority of our vehicles incorporate live time video both inside the vehicle and dash cam. This is a system added for officer/ client safety as well as quality control.
  • Totally integrated resident/visitor access control software. This causes no intrusion to the client’s database as well as allows us to keep up to date controls on who is allowed or not allowed onto the client property.
  • We also offer various types of surveillance software to address specific issues. These are offered at client’s request. This includes video cameras that allow both on and off site remote monitoring.


The South Florida Security Group employs the latest and most updated computer report management system on today’s market. Some of the exceptional features included in this system are:

  • Live/ up-to-date monitoring of officers activity.
  • Instant report access by management.
  • A completely paperless operation, minimizing costs to the client.
  • Specific GPS point location of incidents and maintenance issues making it easy to locate and correct problems.
  • Total off site review allowing user access to all activity at any time.
  • A totally wireless reports on cell phones and tablets.
  • A highly accurate tracking of on and off duty by officers.
  • Daily system backup on the cloud.
  • Access to the client with their own access code and password.
  • The most advance O.P.S. tracking and point locations showing the officers activity in real time.

The system allows for pictures to be used in accordance with reports allowing for the client to see what is going on as it is happening. This updated system allows management to keep accurate records and share this with the client. This also allows for no access or limited access to the clients data base allowing for maximum privacy.

Some of the administrative cost saving features include a scheduling system connected to payroll and billing. By tracking officer’s hours in a live time manner, this system serves to backup accurate scheduling which leads to accurate billing to the client.



Live camera view from a patrol vehicle.


At no extra cost South Florida Security Group will provide to the clients with a DVR with four (4) cameras installed in the locations that the clients decided.


Live cameras from property.

Examples of Reports

Property managers will be able to log at any moment to our website and look the reports immediately they are submitted.


Management Panel


Patrol Report  and  Incident Report


Parking Violations


Maintenance Report