Armed and Unarmed Guard

Anyone looking for a guard patrol to protect their property wants the best security available, and armed & unarmed guard patrol options are available. No one will say “I perceive 10 threats against my property but I want security to protect me against only 5.” A proper guard patrol will be designed and equipped to deal with not just all perceived threats but also from the unexpected. To the layman this may mean that the guards have to be equipped with the maximum firepower. This is not always the case.

Often an armed guard patrol where it is not needed can be counter productive. It can result in arousing needless curiosity about the property and the valuables, both domestic and commercial, that are being protected. Remember that the concept of security is to prevent unwanted situations from occurring and not to just to fight off assailants. At South Florida Security Group we ensure that we work with our clients to provide the right type of security. We can offer both armed & unarmed guard patrols. We work with out clients to evaluate the need for security, the possible threats and the type of security that will both offer the best protection and the maximum peace of mind to the client. At South Florida Security Group we are always ready to work on innovative security solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Armed & Unarmed Guard Patrols – How Do You Decide?

Armed security personnel are normally used to give protection to banks, malls, jewelry and other high value retails stores, high traffic areas like airports and railway stations, commercial buildings and factories and government facilities. These guard patrols are usually uniformed and easily visible so that they offer a clear deterrent to those who may offer a security threat.

Unarmed guards are used in places where the high level of open security that armed guards provide may be out of place. This is not to say that the risk perception is low, but that having obvious and open security may increase the risk by attracting unwanted attention. Often it is better not to allow the amount of security being given to be easily seen. Unarmed guard patrols may be either in uniform or dressed in suits, blazers, shirts and ties or even other corms of casual clothing, as the circumstances demand.

At South Florida Security Group we will work with you to define and assess all the threats that may arise and the best form of security that needs to be provided to counter them. There are many options, including armed & unarmed guard patrols. What we will do is work out the best combination of security options for your specific needs and design a security solution that will provide you and your property the kind of security you need.

Of course, their may be times when the armed & unarmed guard patrol options we suggest may not be to a client’s liking. A more visible armed guard patrol may be required for a number of reasons, even if the threat assessment does not warrant it. Similarly, under many circumstances, a low visibility unarmed guard patrol may be a client’s preferred choice, even if normal practice would suggest an armed patrol. In these cases South Florida Security Group will work out a security system that will meet both the security needs as well as the client’s preferences.