Security for Industrial Facilities – Every facility, even industrial facilities, need protection whether it’s from outsiders on off hours or to manage access to the facility throughout the day and/or night. You might even need particular areas secured at particular times, something South Florida Security Group is happy to do for you. No matter your industrial security needs, we’re here to help.

Residential Communities – Gated communities or not, South Florida Security Group has vast experience in keeping neighborhoods safe and free from violence as well as theft. We’ve made it our passion to keep families safe in their own homes and parks, day and night. Entrance stations, patrolling and building security are just a few services that we offer in this area.

Commercial Properties – Businesses are just as vulnerable as residential areas when it comes to theft and vandalism, which is why South Florida Security Group has made it a priority to protect businesses just like yours. With experienced protection services available we can handle any size business, anytime. We can protect inside and outside your buildings as well as the surrounding areas.

Government Properties – Our professionalism, experience and commitment alone makes us a perfect choice when it comes to protecting government buildings but what’s more is our ability to adapt to the specific needs of particular locations while maintaining a high level of integrity at all times. With our services, government properties are protected during specific occasions and on a regular basis depending on your needs.

Mobile Patrol – If you have a lot of space to protect and you aren’t sure how to accomplish this look no further, South Florida Security Group is your solution! With our mobile patrol services you can rest assured that all of your property is kept safe and secure when you can’t be everywhere at once. On foot or by vehicle we can get the job done right, helping to maintain confidence and assurance, not to mention peace of mind.