South Florida Security Group Transition Process

Many companies are reluctant to switch long-time security contractors because of the fear of difficulties in making the actual transition. To ensure a smooth and cost efficient transition, South Florida Security Group has developed a comprehensive transition plan with key focus on our transition team, appropriate timetable, and officer selection.

Phase 1 – Transition Team

Once awarded a contract, a transition team is made up of top management is mobilized to begin the assessment process. Our transition team meets with the client’s appointed personnel to discuss preferred procedures, desired goals and timelines. A full and comprehensive assessment of all components of the facility is performed. Our team takes that data and builds a profile of the types of officers that will be needed to best protect your facility.

Phase 2 – Appropriate Timetables

After analyzing the data gathered by the transition team, a transition timeline is agreed upon by South Florida Security Group and the client. All employees involved with the transition operate by this timetable in order to implement the transition plan in the most smooth and cost-efficient manner. Each integration process is customized to meet a client’s specific needs. Although it may vary, a transition typically takes place from 7 to 30 days depending on circumstance.

Phase 3 – Officer Selection

In situations where we are replacing another security contractor, South Florida Security Group will not retain any incumbent personnel. Instead we recruit, hire and train personnel we feel will best serve the security needs of the client. We may also choose to transfer officers from other work sites that we feel will be a good fit with the new security plan.

Phase 4 – Implementation

Once all the officers have been hired or transferred and trained by South Florida Security Group management. The transition is implemented. Throughout the first 30 Days our transition team evaluates the security plan and each officer to ensure that all the security goals are being met. Any changes are discussed with the client and implemented as needed.